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Mind Body Attention with M. Fogelman (Dec 2017, written) — brief bio; background and context about ONT; personal practices and awakening

Completely Ordinary with J. Lott (Mar 2016, video) — we riff about spirituality and science

Buddha at the Gas Pump with R. Archer (Feb 2016, podcast or video) — mainly about personal transformative experiences, very little discussion of my work and ideas

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Me think’st thyself trivial: Deconstructing The Corrupt Spirit

“Think’st thou that duty shall have dread to speak when power to flattery bows? To plainness honor’s bound when majesty falls to folly.”

— from  King Lear by Shakespeare

Corruption is a scourge, and all kinds of systems are vulnerable to it. Why? Is it something insidious about human nature? If so, is it true about me?

Corruption is not a moral failing but rather a shared vulnerability. When the human spirit does not develop immunity to mental triviality, the systems it creates or is obliged to respond to get fueled not by the fullness of reality but by the power of terminal belief streams. What do I mean by that? Continue reading “Me think’st thyself trivial: Deconstructing The Corrupt Spirit”

(Sm)Art : Emotional Systems

To a large degree, modern troubles in our systems of government, education, and well being have had a tendency towards, let’s call it, intermittency. The kinds of troubles your car mechanic hates to be asked to diagnose and fix!

Well, intermittency no more. The U.S. is speeding down an unknown road with a sea of dashboard warning lights aglow at sundown.

So what have we been doing? Avoiding unpredictability and, to justify underlying stupidity, scapegoating emotion. Continue reading “(Sm)Art : Emotional Systems”

Cowgirl Science (It’s a Ramble)

Super-Compliance Mob?

I’m flummoxed at the idea of a science march on Washington, DC. The first ever is slated for April 22, 2017. The theme seems to be equally climate change and the promises of science. Scientists, especially the young, are itching to show their moxy. Forget waiting for make-believe super-heros to save the planet. It’s time for Super-Compliance Mob to do the job.

Scientists achieve a position the hard way — they prove it, and then recruit others to take heed. And generally, there are sufficient reinforcements for said proofs and positions, and science and the policies it informs march forward in a sort of intangible but traceable provisphere. Continue reading “Cowgirl Science (It’s a Ramble)”

Politics and Pretense

Today my husband asked me about politics, power, and justice. “How does it look with ONT?”

Interpreted very loosely and using common terminology, I suggested that left-wing politics focuses on “mind over matter” strategies and right-wing politics focuses on “matter over mind” strategies.

This is interesting in and of itself. But now, what of emotion? Few would displute that mind, matter, and emotion are inextricably linked — somehow.

What the dominant political factions have in common is that both function (and fuel their mutual struggle) by  pretending that emotion is not at play. I’m going to write that sentence one more time and put it in bold so you are sure to pay close attention.  Continue reading “Politics and Pretense”