Reality morphing: a simple visualization "How do people’s perspectives differ and yet co-exist in a singular shared reality? I’m going to answer with a visual puzzle. I have yet to meet anyone who is not taken aback by it."


“Michelle is deeply committed to contemplative practices that meaningfully blend experience and complexity. She believes it is through existentially attuned information tools that we will achieve the living balance needed to navigate the technological age with aplomb.”

What You Might Want to Know about Chris Langan and CTMU"It seems you believe CTMU can leap tall buildings in a single bound. That doesn't change that there are ordinary, respectable ways of getting to the other sides of buildings."

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(Sm)Art: Contemplation of Relational Beingness "be curious about what relational meanings might look like. How might relational meanings be experienced differently than what you are so far familiar with, and why might it be useful?"

The Glyph Riff "Expressibility is possible both in and beyond words.  Perceptibility is possible both in and beyond one's direct senses.  And globalizable meanings follow suit."

Is Stuck Science Stoking Authoritarianism? “without alignment between facts and the messiness of being, people get desperate for someone outside of themselves to tell them what reality model to operate from.”

Notes from the Existential Underground “People yearn for something more robust and meaningful than physics’ parade of subatomic predicates. Popularisers of science as well as those concerned with uniting knowledge and spiritual traditions have stepped into the substance vacuum.”

Cowgirl Science -- It's a ramble “a lifetime of avoiding confusion or being wrong or lost hardens our souls to soft knowledge, that is, what really matters in our own brief existences.”

Politics, pretenseNotes from the Existential Underground "When progress or saving us from ourselves supplants the more fundamental understanding that we are part of a cosmic logic much bigger than ourselves, when the projection of well-meaning onto our incomplete but hard-sought logical ways, we find ourselves in the awkward position of defending the indefensible."

Reality Science: perceptual field or perceptual void “Being perceptive beings is where we must lay the groundwork for the future of science and philosophy to intersect constructively.”

ONT "Existence has a language and words are inadequate to describe it, unless we let certain ones be framed in complex relation to each other in a way that is in harmony with subtle, dynamic reality.”


Journey! Digital contemplative tool that will redefine what it means to search.  Un-boggle the mind, one searching thought at a time.


Notes from the Existential Underground "At the macro level in the sciences, usefulness is and will itself remain a useful standard; at the existential level in physics, deviation from causal usefulness started long ago. To be fair, the situation is not comfortable for anyone involved."

Implications of a Novel View "Theoretical physics has a considerable task. It is charged with perceiving the imperceptible. Yet, the scientific method should not be allowed to usurp the importance of nature’s phenomenology. Moreover, physics has much to learn from a systematic evaluation of the physical origin and 'meaning' of existence and its many manifestations."

Big Intelligence Primer “Meta can get much more interesting and productive than entertainingly circular stories.”

"Big intelligence is complicated, but not necessarily infinitely so."


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