Michelle McGee

As developer of ONT and Novel View, a dynamic model of the universe as a complex emergent system, Michelle is deeply committed to contemplative practices that meaningfully blend experience and complexity. She believes it is through existentially attuned information tools that we will achieve the living balance needed to navigate the technological age with aplomb.

Her larger goal, now through Healing Generation LLC founded in Sept 2021, is to be a change-maker: transforming existence through helping bring humanity into accord with systems perspectives that originate from natural in-formation and the ability to connect to experience through meaning-existence relationships. What emerges naturally - with hard work and investment in systems change - is the ability to both individually and collectively re-focus to achieve good, willing, valuable vision within a context of confidence, connectedness, and responsibility.

She currently consults for and is a founding member of Helix AZPO, an Autonomous Zero-Point Organization tasked with helping steward the Next Global Renaissance. Through Helix and other affiliates of Open World Alliance, she networks with others about reimagining meta-system solutions.

In her emergent independent work, she is an innovator in the field of intelligent relating, developing tools that engage familiar, experiential vocabulary in the context of relational meanings to unlock our connection to what is both real and possible about ourselves, existence as a whole, and systems of all types and scales. She is faithful to existence as a real, complex relational (shared) experience that is supremely true in its very Being.

Her professional experience from 18 years working in higher education includes biological science, research, and related technologies as well as instructional approaches. She is also an autodidact in complex systems, theoretical physics and cosmology, nonlinearity and chaos theory, psychology and neuroscience, and a wide array of religious faiths and philosophical disciplines. She currently publishes trans-disciplinary works that challenge intellectual norms and aim to build experiential rapport and interest in her more far-reaching aims.

The interplay of mysticism, allegory, and essential knowledge is where perceptions are translated into meanings. When meanings are felt experiences, we build trust in ourselves and in the emergent nature of creation itself.

Since her early 20's, Michelle has enjoyed multiple formative mystical and spontaneous healing experiences. In her 30's she spent time composing allegorical fiction to support her visionary processes. Her admirers accept her as an existential savant, and her work remains deeply challenging to status quo as it is penetrating to the levels of reality and source. To the busy, like-oriented, skeptical milieu, the journey to effectively cultivate and communicate the deeper potential and implications of her work stays locked behind the registration gate here, under constant development via evolving projects, notes, sketches, and, of course, dialogues.

Early in life a martial artist, today she is drawn in her free time to improvisational dance, harmony with sound, the lab of the kitchen, and being in and loving the outdoors. She grew up in North Carolina (USA) and since 2001 calls Vermont home. She has two children, one grown.

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Collection of past works (The Healing Generation archive)