The Shadow of Logical Relief

What is the correlation between the abstract and the concrete? What symbolic or deductive knowledge corresponds exactly with the concrete knowledge learned from sensory experience? (original Quora question) Based on the source provided, the questioner desires an answer that is also an ontological argument, that is, an argument for the existence of God. I have … Read more

Nobel Prize in Useful Paradoxes, or why paradoxes exist

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences delivered a zinger of a paradox. People’s behavior is predictably irrational. The wisdom that springs from it is known as behavioral economics and aims to systematize people’s actual behaviors rather than preconceived, idealized behaviors.

It’s proven useful for economics (thus the prize), and yet it’s counterintuitive (thus the prize).

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The Hollow Ring of Mind-Reality Equivalence

Prolific these days are interpretations of reality science that equate “consciousness” and reality. The result is mind-reality equivalence, a tempting though hollow solution to the modern dilemmas created by information-rich systems. Mind-reality equivalences are solipsistic. Only one’s own mind is sure to exist. They risk conflating a mind that can conceive of reality with a … Read more