Reality Science: perceptual field or perceptual void?

Reality science is approached as if reality exists in a perceptual void. Ordinary experience dictates that reality is inextricably tied to perception. Is getting the science right an either/or proposition, and if not, what are the implications to wise and meaningful inquiry about reality? As children we wonder. As teens we tinker. As adults we … Read more

The Oxymoron of Quantum Coin-Flipping

Is the thought experiment of Schrodinger’s cat similar to the experiment of coin flipping? Is it quantum physics or a simple probability problem? (original Quora question) The question makes a good point. There’s a problem in interpreting QM as something separate from simple probability relationships, and thereby attempting to wrangle reality into QM’s various mathematical … Read more

I Sympathize with Hossenfelder

How do theoretical particle physicists respond to Sabine Hossenfelder’s article “How Popper Killed Particle Physics”? (original Quora question) Hossenfelder’s argument is complicated to the point of being so convoluted that it misses its own point. In her attempt to create dramatic cross-currents, she does not settle into the existential clarity needed to assess what is, … Read more

Hidden Metaphors

The physics of what is hidden, that is, all causative and representational aspects of theoretical physics, reflects often unconsciously held tensions. Theoretical physics’ multiple conflicting theories each reflect complex internal tensions – emotional, mental, and physical – externalized through metaphor and shared beliefs. Electrodynamics reflects tensions around dualism. Relativity reflects tensions around reductionism and contradictory … Read more

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