Big Intelligence Primer

11 students

You've learned what you're supposed to think and, largely in reaction that, how to think. How would your journey be different today if you learned how to think not as a reactive state but as a fundamental tool for meaningful experience?

Welcome to the place where you can reorient toward that very goal, how to think non-reactively, and embark on a journey you'll come to know as Big Intelligence.

Learn complex relational logic (that underlies ONT) through metaphors such as Tree of Knowledge, Shield from Obscurity, Veils to Big Intelligence, and Missing Tent plus Shadow of a Doubt and Truth Paradoxes, and more. Connect knowing and understanding to awareness and reality modeling on your way to the "how" of working with relational meanings.

This course is for you if you are interested in both conceptualizing and embodying a wider view of intelligence. You will enjoy this course if you:

  • Like to dive into the occasional Big Question
  • Are interested in reality shifts such as perceiving more meta phenomena
  • Have analytic capacity and enjoy conceptual puzzles
  • Recognize that lack of structure when seeking shared meanings (how will we ever think this through together?) vexes interdisciplinary projects, organizational collaborations, and change-seeking movements of all kinds
  • Are skeptical about the prospects for "Big Intelligence" given current systems of knowledge

In addition to learning how to engage from a place of intelligent relating in any area, you'll find out about the wisdom from naturally emergent systems that helps us contemplate first-hand experiences (including learning) of all sorts from multiple perspectives. Supported by ample use of metaphor, you'll gain critical vocabulary and improve your awareness of how general awareness, reality modeling, and meaning-making are key factors in influencing not just intelligence but anything we wish to relate to intelligently and in a real way.

This beginning course is geared towards the tricky business of recognizing how being entrained by what to think interferes with how to think. After all, we're doing it backwards! In all, this journey of re-schooling, or learning how to think, unlocks intelligent experience as relational at its core.

Course material is mostly video-based, with short lectures that incorporate information slides and whiteboard. Supplemental print materials accompany a number of the lectures.  Lecture development is active and ongoing now with participation encouraged in general discussion areas and new material being announced. 


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