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Big Intelligence Primer

Big Intelligence Primer

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3 thoughts on “Optional: Big Question Q&A”

  1. That’s why it’s so important to bring metaphysics into the picture, because the mutual feedback between the “I” and the “U” can only be established metaphysically. The process of knowing and reality understanding reality changes the “I” at an existential level and hence the problem with mainstream academia. I can see you are trying to build a common language for a new “epistemic community” but it is a little too academic for me. Metaphor is a very powerful tool but I think the shield is problematic because you don’t shield yourself from darkness but you fight darkness by shedding light on it. The shield metaphor would work for me if it reflects the light into the darkness; but this light would have to originate in a metaphysical realm.

    • When you say the “epistemic community” feel of what I offer here is “too academic”, you mean not far out or suggestive enough, I suppose. You can’t mean that I use too many academic catch-phrases or am too institutionally-referenced.

      It’s one of the dangers of taking Langan’s distributed solipsism, and the associated consciousness-only fallacy, as anything but a plug in the leaking dike of life with meaning. If all is consciousness then you have no choice but to be very proactive, even inventive, at making edges in life lest you accept your seeming fate as a suggestible, slug-like cogitator. It’s a strange dichotomy I have seen time and again with CTMUers. Despite having at one time written generously of the slug-lord, I have yet to figure out how to transform CTMU mental angst.

      I disagree that I and U mutual feedback depends on metaphysics. Metaphysics is one window, but existence is literally a matter of cosmology.

      Why shield oneself from darkness? Darkness is not just a place of fear and hiding but of deep knowing — and connecting.

    • I wonder if you mean “too pedestrian” instead of “too academic”?

      I’m glad you basically like the shield metaphor, and I hope you don’t see my slug metaphor (previous comment) as unfriendly. Distributed solipsism of CTMU is a necessary evil when you don’t have a complete cosmology to work from; when you do (and I do), CTMU’s solipsism is just a slimy mess.

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