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Modern reality science is marked by pretense; religious faith, by a largely joyless enterprise; and philosophical inquiry, by the trivialization of existential humility.

I invite you to consider that with

  • Ease with the past and future, and
  • Passion and curiosity about being present with unknowable mystery (in an age so far fueled by its apparent absence)

spiritually-rich, scientifically-grounded, and existentially-humble experience unfolds to the complex nexus between the actual and the possible.  The noise of existential dissonance can be quieted, allowing for the emergence of the questions, urges, and perceptions that will heal and inspire in ways that only industrialization and globalization have yet demanded.

October 2016

"Notes from the Existential Underground: The Universe as a Complex Emergent System," Cosmos and History, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2016, pp. 172-183. A new synthesis in which I discuss the current crisis in physics and bridge my early work with that of modern metaphysical logician Chris Langan. It appears as part of the proceedings for a conference I attended in Berkeley in May 2016.

March 2016

Completely Ordinary Conversation with Joey Lott (1:38:51), author of You're Trying Too Hard and other titles. 

February 2016

"Buddha at the Gas Pump" Interview by Rick Archer (1:49:09).  A spiritual forum than makes for a bit of an awkward fit with my own unconventional perspectives and spiritual journey.  We hit a nice stride around min 45. (Made private-access only at my request.)

January 2016

New & Improved ONT now available as eBook Screenshot Collection Check out this awesome 88-page pdf file!

December 2015

Profile created on Academia.edu  

August 2015


July 2015

Celebrate Mind on Youtube & Soundcloud

  • My journey to a complex, emergent physics.  (4:34)
  • What kind of (surprising) system is the universe? (5:28)
  • What fuels the universe, and our curiosity about it? (5:56)

April 2015

Higher Ed "Call to Action" -- 3-min video

March 2015

ONT, short for "ontology."  Software available short-term for free.


Oct 2014

To strong and weak Anthropic Principles add a frail: Cosmology Check

April - Sept 2014

Brilliant Beings Unite! with "Celebrate Mind: dare to be true" (Burlington, VT area meetup) -- thanks to all who participated!

Feb 2014

"IF the true/false assumption behind 0s and 1s were false, THEN what?: beyond binary"

Dec 2013

"Joy/courage/presence transmute attachment/control/fear through acceptance and release flows: +Wild-Type Logic"

Fall 2013

Living with Strange Loops gatherings on UVM campus: Announcements

October 7 "Is reality more than 'food for thought?'"

Sept 25 "You should give up trying to grasp reality! What it means to be confronted with apathy & nihilism"

May 2013

A Non-Mystical Philosophy of Oneness: Complexly Simple

Cosmological Energy Density and Pressure: Precious Gems of

Michelle Kathryn Mcgee 2017

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Michelle Kathryn McGee

Science-y poems (2003), numbered 1-7 so that I may one day attempt an exquisite mathematical calculation of their meaning

The Quanta You Won't Hear About: Quantum Coattails, Quantum Peril, and Quantum Pointlessness (2005)

Hidden: the paradox of revealing nothingness (2010-2012), blog by my fictional, college-age sidekick

Making Way for Coherence (2011), 7-min video from my animated alias Cherokee Paul

Healing and Oneness as a Tree

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