Cosmological Energy Density and Pressure: Precious Gems of

Only one physical relationship at the atomic level is needed to account for complex existence, and common, modern views of cosmological energy density and pressure are the foundations. It is possible to account for everything else as arising from their interplay. The key is an understanding of the two as directly complementing each other in a way that is autocatalytic and emergent, leading to non-linearity and scaling towards more complex relationships and systems.  

Three ontologically interrelated states of being are suggested.  The neutral characters - dark energy and radiation - are unrealized and form a momentum- and position- rich fabric that is nothingness.  The solid characters - from matter to photons - form an energy- and mass- rich fabric that is somethingness.  Their un-coupled characters - gravity and heat - form (metaphorically-speaking) the inhale and the exhale of the cosmological breath that is change. 

The complementarity of these states exists since dark energy is constituted of dense negative cosmological pressure and light is constituted of dense positive cosmological pressure.  Momentum and position are like a motive acting on each other to persist in material form and in the process uncoupling cosmological pressure from density in a way that manifests vehicles for change. 

Coherence is the dynamic state of being that manifests starting at the atomic scale.  Viewed from an ontologically clear perspective it is modally primitive, that is, it gives rise to a worldview that naturally incorporates both actuals and possibles.
Order is not an emergent but an inherent property of existence.


 Complementary modes of coherent cosmological expression.   Solid lines represent dominant mode; dotted lines, sub-mode. (A) Mode diagram of quintessence, or dark energy.  Its dynamic is radial, with position being the defining mode and momentum the sub-mode. (B) Mode diagram of light, or radiation. Its dynamic is cyclical, momentum being the defining mode and position the sub-mode.  (A) and (B) are not necessarily to scale with each other. 


Substantial completion as a consequence of the mode/ sub-mode system.  (Drawn two-dimensionally for convenience only.)  (A) and (D) represent incidental stable particles acting to stabilize the mode-sub-mode complementarity.  (B) and (C) are particles with opposite mode origin.  The sub-mode (······) of one “solidifies” the mode (___) of the other persistently or transiently


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