Hidden Metaphors

The physics of what is hidden, that is, all causative and representational aspects of theoretical physics, reflects often unconsciously held tensions.

Theoretical physics’ multiple conflicting theories each reflect complex internal tensions – emotional, mental, and physical – externalized through metaphor and shared beliefs.

  • Electrodynamics reflects tensions around dualism.
  • Relativity reflects tensions around reductionism and contradictory empirical evidence.
  • Quantum mechanics reflects tensions around bridging Eastern and Western philosophies.
metaphor of hidden in plain sight

The possibility of something coherent emerging from among those tensions, with a necessary shift in our individual or shared existential mindsets, even radically, does not negate anything of scientific value. It only puts a useful burden on us to re-frame what we experience as usefulness in interpretating facts. Experimental results and real-life applications remain real, they just don’t necessarily mean what we think they meant.

Today our mental constructs about unobservable reality (ALL of which are hidden by definition) are often fueled with the equivalent of junk food, vitamin pills, and fad diets — issued very often in relation to theoretical physics.

A reframing opens the gates too to the fascinating challenges of re-evaluating the multitude of speculations about “complex” relational topics. Searching of this sort is common today. Still, existential beliefs marked by conflict and tension affect our ability to process information in relation to the meanings of things like fact, understanding, possibility, purpose, and irrational behavior.

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Original publish date Oct 28, 2017