Implications of a novel view of the cosmological energy density and pressure relationship

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Author: Michelle Kathryn McGee


A non-linear, behavior-based physical model that integrates divergent physical phenomena is directly derivable from a novel view of cosmological energy density and pressure.  A process is hypothesized for the formation of matter in which dark and ordinary matter and energy exist not as discrete, static cosmological states but as changeable, complementary cosmological states.  The resulting model also suggests that half of matter originates from light; that electrons are not particles but are reflections of symmetries and exchanges that occur naturally given material structure; that gravity and heat are byproducts of the formation of matter and together create a physical context for changeability; and that the infused nature of mass and energy is due to the simultaneous manifestation of redundant and novel behaviors in physical systems. The concept of particle is redefined, the force-based atomic model is replaced, ordinary matter is reexamined in a dynamic scaling context, and heat and gravity are meaningfully integrated into the manifestation of substance in the universe. 



  • Introduction 
  • Energy Density and Pressure: More than a backdrop
    • Physico-Cosmic Model
    • Something from Nothing
  • Quasi-Particulate Behavior and Uncertainty
  • Electrodynamics Deconstructed
  • Source Integration and Scaling Behaviors
    • The Meta-Vehicles
  • Phenomenology
    • Mass and Energy
  • Discussion


By treating natural, perceptible phenomena as a window into the imperceptible smallness that underlies all existence, the concept of scaling is applied directly to theory development. From this approach emerges a novel view of physical and cosmological structure.


a cascade of non-linear, physical behaviors arise from the original qualities known to us generally as cosmological energy density and pressure and ... these behaviors precipitate physical structure within the known universe. According to this model, an irreducible coherence exists that accounts for the complex variation of physical and cosmological structure through an array of modes of expression of its core relationship.

Energy Density and Pressure: More than a backdrop

all particles are “quasi” in their manifestation because of the fuzzy action of adaptability and the dissociative capacity of form. There is no such thing as a perfectly persistent particle or a particle that is so transitional that its resolution has no physical consequence.

Quasi-Particulate Behavior and Uncertainty

The physico-cosmic model is dynamic and allows for the creation of a conceptual framework for the evaluation of characteristics previously attributed to electrodynamics. 

Electrodynamics Deconstructed

nothing is truly and accurately defined from the outside in, for it is manifest from the inside out. From an entity’s center, distinguishable characteristics emanate and relative coordinates are definable. ... A particular instance of distinguishability, unique in time and space, is referred to here as a source.  

Source Integration and Scaling Behaviors

Upon observation, half of the equation is always missing – not certainty but the connectedness, the circumstantial certainty based on source and distinguishability that is the ultimate context for the form and behaviors we observe. This inherent limitation to our faculties and its effect of obscuring source have kept this unique interpretation obscured and make it elusive to computation and, in general, to conceptualization by the logical mind. 

Source Integration and Scaling Behaviors

the meta-vehicle model of heat has clear connections to its four laws, and even suggests a fifth. ... E = MC2, where C is the speed of light, describes obliteration of the cosmological coherence underlying the organization of the universe (proposed 4th law). The momentum chaos resulting from resolved matter traveling at the speed of light would cause a critical loss of position motive and thereby the collapse of form itself. 

The Meta-Vehicles

A major obstacle in explaining phenomenological order of natural systems has been accounting for the apparent violation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics. By uncovering the fact that the 2nd law only takes into account the propagation of change through resolved material and does not attempt to account for its behavior in unresolved space, this non-linear, behavior-based cosmological coherence opens the possibility that the 2nd law need not be violated in living systems. Natural systems are coherent in nature, not “solid” or “closed”, so the 2nd law need not be violated. 


An example of a real barrier to an integrated view of physics and cosmology is minute randomness itself. This barrier is also at the core of the “perception problem” that vexes physical theory. At the most fundamental level, minute randomness precludes the direct measurement of the very “objects” we invent to explain that-which-is­ measurable. The views presented here suggest that minute randomness is not chaotic and disconnected from physical structure but an integrated part of it. 


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