Novel View

Novel View is a physico-cosmic model constructed from a subtle, dynamic interpretation of the behaviors of cosmological energy density and pressure, the known and most pervasive characteristics of space. They are understood to be formless, timeless yet real precursors to all mass and energy. Discernible based on complex relational behaviors, the structure and structuring of existence cannot be adequately understood relying on force-based logic alone.

M.C. Escher, Three Spheres II (1946)

I developed Novel View in the early 2000's. After approaching a few rigorous academic publishers and not being taken seriously, I simply self-published a pdf version online. Then, I largely redirected my energies. I began accepting the idea that the academic field of theoretical physics would be slow, or perhaps even completely unwilling, to lend credence to my work. I sought to keep my engagement with others who could relate to ideas like mine alive by way of the web's globalizing trends (it was not so highly commercialized at the time) and experimented with emerging digital tools, though I never devoted myself to coding per se.

For many years I also had an academic career in the biological sciences. This, and my experiences working to articulate my insights to skeptical academics, led me also to became a rational apologist. Many of my Marvelous Miscellany writings here point to that inclination.

Find the abstract, table of contents, and a few excerpts from my original paper "Implications of a novel view of the cosmological energy density and pressure relationship" here.

In October 2016 I published a paper in the philosophy journal Cosmos & History. In it I bring insights to the current crisis in physics, citing my own Novel View along with a metaphysically complementary theory CTMU. Here's a summary of Notes from the existential underground: the universe as a complex emergent system.

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