Philosophy and mapping

Novel uses of computing are being brought to the aid of many modern challenges. So why not philosophy as well!

Philosophy since ancient times was born of the need for interdisciplinary inquiry and understanding. Without that foundation, opportunities for circular speak become endless. Futilely so.

Modern philosophy has splintered, and that trend cannot be separated from the compartmentalization of knowledge through economic monitization, data mining, and academic and other quasi-tribal territorial struggles over knowledge. With the proliferation of knowledge as a thing of value, interdisciplinarity, and the shared meanings it requires, have been uprooted — and philosophy along with it.

I suggest that embracing shared meanings is the avenue for mapping philosophy (among other disciplines) in ways that captures the metaphorical topographical features, population centers, transportation routes of the field through the Ages, and most importantly informing future analyses in novel ways.

Embracing shared meanings offers one solution, a solution likely so complex in relation to its topic that it would be best achieved by utilizing computing resources.

Such a thing of course requires a complex architecture to map to. That's where I would like to see ONT come in.

Original publish date Nov 3, 2017

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